• Website

    Dynamic Website
  • Responsive Designing
  • CMS Based (Website Backend)
  • Booking Engine & Payment Gateway
  • SEO(On page) Free
  • Server Space
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  • Channel Manager

    INR-24000 / YEAR
  • Channel Manager(1 Year , Rs.2000/-month)
  • Channel Manager(6 Months , Rs.2200/-month)
  • Channel Manager(3 Months , Rs.2500/-month)
  • Ability to sell the most rooms
  • No need to log into the backend system of each booking site
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  • Booking Engine

    Get Your Pay online
  • Booking Engine(Rs 5000/-Year)
  • Payment Gateway(5% Per Booking)
  • Minimal steps to book
  • Simple user interface
  • Mobile-optimized platform
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IT Globaliser

IT Globaliser is full-service Web Development company offering an extensive range of hospitality services to hotels and organizations around India. We specialize in web development, responsive design, hosting and more. IT Globaliser leading team is at the forefront of pioneering results-driven Internet business solutions and technologies.

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